Artist Interview with Aziza Abbasi

Artist Interview with Aziza Abbasi

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Welcome to AllArtWorks Featured Artist Series!

1. What other profession is similar to being an artist and why?

The writers are more like artists... they express themselves by words and artists express by their artwork.

2. What’s the nicest thing you can remember someone said about your work, or an individual piece?

Once a fellow artist said “you will become famous one day.”

3. What’s one thing you’d like everyone to know about you as an artist?

Go by my heart... I follow my heart and I trust my heart.
4. What was the last piece of art that you saw that blew you away?

Michelangelo’s “Pieta”... saw it on my recent visit to Italy... never saw anything like that grandeur!

5. What’s something you haven’t done but you want to do in art/painting?

Something which can make me live forever!

6. Which artist do you like better - Ingres or Delacroix, and why?*

I do not compare art and artists... both Ingres and Delacroix are wonderful artists and produced some magnificent artwork.

*The reason we ask about Delacroix and Ingres is because they were contemporaries with wildly different styles!