Frequently Asked



About AllArtWorks

1. Why are there only 44 artworks on your home page? 
We present a curated set of artwork to give the best viewing experience possible. This is based on the average amount of work you would see in a professional gallery show. Too much work can be overwhelming, and work presented randomly can be exhausting. This selection of 44 changes every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00am.

2. Why do some artists have bios and others don’t? The bios are for the world famous artists, and are in part a history lesson. Many of them shaped the art of today. We curate this work among the juried selection to show the high quality of the juried work.

3. I’m looking for a specific artist, how do I find them? 
Go to the menu and select “Artists”, and find them alphabetically by last name, or type their name in the search field.

4. How do you find and choose your artists? 
Anywhere there are people, there are artists! We do our best to let as many people as possible know about this opportunity. Artists apply by submitting a selection of work, and the juror reviews the work. If at first an artist doesn’t get selected, we encourage them to try again!


Buyer Questions

1. What’s your return policy?
We will accept returns within 7 days for any reason. We will cover return shipping costs.

2. How quickly will my painting arrive?
Generally within five to ten business days. If you purchase any of the world-renowned artists (identified by a star: ★), the shipping time will be longer. We will make special arrangements for this work upon purchase.

3. I understand that you frame all the artwork. Do I get to choose the style or color?
No, we use a high quality standardized frame.


4. What if I don’t want the frame? 
The pictures are professionally framed when we get them in a high quality frame at a very reduced price. If you’d like to have it framed by your own professional, it will be easy for them to replace ours.

5. Do I need anything extra to hang the painting on my wall? 
Just a hammer. We frame it, we attach a wire to the piece and we provide a hanging system for your wall (a nail and a hook). The hook works on virtually any wall other than masonry.

6. Does this make a good gift?
Yes this makes a great gift. Houses are big, there are lots of walls, and every one of our pieces is strictly quality controlled. And, like we said up above, it comes with everything ready to hang. It even comes in a fun box. Also, if the person doesn't like it, they have one week to return it.

Ready to Hang

Artist Questions

1. What if I want my painting back before the full term of 1 year?
We keep the artwork for a year, so be prepared to let your baby go!

2. How many times will my work be featured on the feed?
Everyone will be featured the same amount of time. The frequency will depend on how many artists we currently represent. Your work will always be available to look at and purchase through the “Artists” and “View More Art” options in the menu - arranged alphabetically by last name - and by searching your name.

3. What if I find a buyer on my own during the year you have my piece? 
If someone wants to buy your work during the year that we hold your piece, they will need to do so through our platform.

4. How do I get paid? 
We pay by check and will arrange payment 8 days after the buyer receives the artwork.

5. How many pieces can I put on your platform? 
You can submit up to 20 pieces at a time. The curator will let you know which ones are accepted. Artists have on average 1 to 3 pieces represented on the site.

6. Is there a fee to submit work? 
There is a $15 fee for each piece accepted (only if it is accepted, it’s free to submit.) The fee is non-refundable and helps cover some costs associated with representing your work for one year. We take a professional photo of your work and promote its sale in every way we know how. Your work will also be fully insured while in our care.

7. If my artwork sells, can I submit again? 
Yes! Please do!


8. If my work is not accepted, can I submit again? 

Yes, of course!

9. If my painting doesn’t sell, do I get my submission fee back?
Unfortunately no, it is non-refundable and goes toward operating costs.

10. Why don’t I see my art on your feed? 
You can find your art at any time by searching for your name, and also in the menu under ”Artists” & “All Art”. Periodically, one of your pieces will be selected for inclusion in the online Show, curated among 44 pieces on our landing page (A new show goes live at 9am every Wednesday and Saturday.)

11. What happens if my artwork doesn’t sell?
If a piece of yours hasn’t sold within a year, we will return it to you after we receive the return shipping costs. You are welcome to submit again.

12. What is the commission structure? 
60/40. You will receive 60% of the price agreed upon between you and AllArtWorks. The listed price will be your price plus the frame and shipping.