Buyer Testimonials


Barbara Peacock

AllArtWorks has done a great job curating a wide selection of high quality art of all styles and price points. The process for purchasing is easy and delivery is fast and fun. I love seeing the polka dot box show up at my house. The art is ready to hang right out-of-the-box. The hardest part is finding the perfect location in my house.


Karen Smith

AllArtWorks allows us to purchase art from local artists and support their vision. Both my husband and I come from artistic backgrounds and own a business that revolves around art, but even if we didn’t I am sure that we would still fill our home with plants and animals and original art; these are necessary food for the soul! AllArtWorks makes buying a piece easy and affordable.


Mike Zimberg & Chelsey Thurston

The hardest thing is trusting our judgment. The most rewarding is living with a piece for years and always seeing new things. And making our home beautiful. We love that the art comes already to hang on the wall, that the website is beautiful and the photos really reflect the pieces well. We have no formal art training. 

We enjoy discovering new artists and pieces and allowing each to help us see a different tint in the world.


Artist Testimonials


Jennifer Glance

I would have to say that: I have had great results with the AAW online platform!! I have had buyers from the Midwest to Seattle. It is good to know that my work is being seen by people who ❤️art.

*Has sold eight pieces off the site to date


Barbara Carlson

I've had only positive experiences selling my paintings through AllArtWorks. Having sold several pieces, it's been a great resource to get my art out into the world. The AAW staff work very hard for the artists they represent, and they make it easy for us. I find the online shows fun to scroll through and the pop up benefit shows are innovative and extremely well run. I'm looking forward to their continued success which means success for all of us.

*Has sold nine pieces off the site to date


Evalyn Verhey

I have been very happy with “AllArtWorks,” not only because they have sold three of my paintings, but I think that their approach helps upcoming artists. I think they have come up with a very unique idea for promoting and selling art which seems to be working well.

*Has sold four pieces off the site to date


Joel Terkeurst

Working with the team at AllArtWorks has been beyond exceptional. Positive and productive communication with me, top-notch marketing, and being shown alongside world-renowned and historically influential artists have created quick sales and a highly recommendable experience. I couldn’t be happier working with the team. Thank you all so much.

*Has sold two pieces off the site to date


Carol Berger

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at AllArtWorks. Every question I had was thoroughly and pleasantly answered, my work has been promoted in a professional manner, and payment for my art sales has been promptly received. I would definitely recommend AllArtWorks to other artists.

*Has sold three pieces off the site to date


James Trevino

My experience with AllArtWorks has been 100% positive! AAW is professional and their new platform is great! I particularly like how historical art comparisons are made to modern contemporary art entries in the newsletters.

*Has sold four pieces off the site to date


Mary Sundstrom

It has been fun selling my work on allartworks.net! It’s great that my artwork is reaching a wider audience now. It’s so nice that the entire transaction is handled by a team I trust and to top it off my work looks so great in that beautiful deep frame.

*Has sold eleven pieces off the site to date


Sean Sterzer

What a great experience. AllArtWorks enabled me to reach outside of my normal geographic area. It was simple to submit art for consideration, and the  acceptance/non-acceptance replies were speedy. The website is good looking and easy to use for both buyers and artists. Best yet - AllArtWorks sold the art!

*Has sold five pieces off the site to date


Mark Dunning

It has been exciting to be part of AllArtWorks.  I have sold two paintings! This is a neat way to get exposure online. It is out of the ordinary!

*Has sold six pieces off the site to date


Gerry Giorgio

Showing my work on AllArtWorks has been a great experience. It has allowed me to present and sell my work to a wide range of new buyers that I otherwise might not have reached. And what I most like about the site is how well it is presented and managed. AAW makes it easy by taking on all of the promotion, framing, packaging and shipping, allowing me to focus on creating art.

*Has sold twelve pieces off the site to date


Lisa Dionne

The new online platform to show and sell artwork is great. I was amazed how quickly my artwork sold. Chris Protas and Ellen Trumbo are accommodating and helpful to answer all art questions on the process of showing and selling artists’ work on the site. Thank you!

*Has sold five pieces off the site to date