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  • Every Dollar

    Every dollar donated is gifted for the purchase of art by the most disadvantaged Americans. Every 500 dollars donated activates a $500 cash voucher for the purchase of an original work of art. 

  • Households Affected

    The goal is to put a painting in every home in America. A donation means:

    $2,000 - 4 Households
    $10,000 - 20 Households
    $50,000 - 100 Households
    $100,000 - 200 Households

  • Potential

    78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Effectively, one quarter of Americans aren’t able to think about or prioritize owning fine art—or support the artists making it.

The AllArtWorks Foundation has been established to increase access to ownership of fine art—changing long standing narratives regarding who art is for.

Through education, community engagement, and an art purchasing program, the AllArtWorks Foundation is positioned to increase quality of life in communities across America with one simple idea in mind—that Art is for Everyone.

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AllArtWorks Foundation