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Welcome! AllArtWorks was built by artists in support of artists. Our mission is to make art accessible and for everyone to experience having an original work of art in their household.


Becoming an AllArtWorks Artist

Submitting work to AllArtWorks is free and may be submitted as many times as you like. Upon being chosen, there is a $15 fee per piece to be featured on the site.

This fee is applied towards professional photography of the work for the site, insurance, storage and labor for featuring it in physical shows.

Upon purchase, we also frame it and manage the shipping process to maintain high standards for our buyers and our artists.

When your piece sells through AllArtWorks, the commission structure is 60/40, with 60% going to the artist.

AllArtWorks elevates the buyer experience because we show a wide range of art, equally weighted, in our shows. Your work can be listed with some of the most world-renowned artists including Stuart Davis, Arthur Dove, Salvador Dali, Fairfield Porter, Alex Katz, Hans Hofmann and more.

Many of our artists sell multiple pieces through our site. We provide a selling history for each artist and often do artist spotlights to further support our artists' work on AllArtWorks.


Check out submission details in the Artist Playbook


Paul Resika
“Through the Trees, Fayence”


Once the fee is received and our contract is signed, we will provide detailed instructions regarding delivery of work and details of selling.

And of course, congratulations!



If your work is not selected, first of all don’t take it personally - we’ve all been there.

Secondly, many of our current artists were not selected the 1st and even 2nd time submitting work.

Submissions are free, so try again with different work!

We keep track of these things and give special consideration to artists who submit more than once.