ArtPrize Art Sales with AllArtWorks

AllArtWorks is excited to partner again with ArtPrize as their official sales channel. If you’re an artist and are interested in this opportunity to show your work in Grand Rapids, MI, during the ArtPrize festival, you will need to register to be an ArtPrize Artist here no later than June 7th.

ArtPrize Artists will receive more information from us about how to sign up for art sales after Artist Registration and Venue Connections are complete (June 28, 2023.) In the meantime, here is a brief rundown of what we’re offering for artists:

  1. A trusted, easy way for ArtPrize visitors to buy your piece.
  2. QR codes next to each piece for sale, which take visitors directly to the product page on our website where they can securely purchase your work.
  3. “SOLD” badge next to every piece in ArtPrize that sells through our platform.
  4. An online record of your sale that you can use going forward as a selling history for future buyers.
  5. We’ll handle all the sales tax and credit card fee requirements.
  6. 85% / 15% commission structure (you’ll receive 85% of the price you declare with us.)
  7. We remove all sold work from the venue at the end of ArtPrize and arrange for buyers to pick up the work at our space, or coordinate shipping if necessary.
  8. We’re always here to answer questions you have about selling, pricing, or about our platform.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to