Artist Interview with Diane Van Noord

Artist Interview with Diane Van Noord

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1. What other profession is similar to being an artist and why?

As I was thinking about my answer to this question, I realized that the personal life coaching I also do, especially when working in the presence of horses with a client, is very much like being an artist. That is probably why I enjoy that work, as well as my work as a painter. Life coaching requires being inquisitive, thoughtful, thinking creatively, adaptability, patience, and a desire to bring a meaningful new awareness into the client's life. Coaching opens the door to reaching never before thought of answers much like the idea of experiencing new thought processes and emotional responses. When combined with artistic expression for my clients, or with the client's emotional interaction with horses, coaching is a natural journey of discovery and beauty.

2. What’s the nicest thing you can remember someone said about your work, or an individual piece?

I have often been told that people love my color choices, and the peacefulness they feel from the paintings.

3. What’s one thing you’d like everyone to know about you as an artist?

I would like everyone to know how much I love the time I spend in my studio. It is a creative oasis!
4. What was the last piece of art that you saw that blew you away?

The most recent works by painter Peter Wileman.

5. What’s something you haven’t done but you want to do in art/painting?

I am working toward compositions with large more neutral toned simple spaces and smaller colorful detailed spaces in my new works.

6. Which artist do you like better - Ingres or Delacroix, and why?*

Delacroix - his passionate love of painting shows through in his intensely emotional and energetic works.

*The reason we ask about Delacroix and Ingres is because they were contemporaries with wildly different styles!