Last Call: Collectible Bar Napkin Drawings

Last Call: Collectible Bar Napkin Drawings

Saturday, Apr. 12th & 13th, 6-9pm each day!

AllArtWorks Viewing Studio
333 Cesar E Chavez SW
Grand Rapids, MI

Free admission for everyone. Join us on April 12 and 13 for an exclusive opportunity to collect rare art. "Last Call" will feature the bar napkin drawings and sketches of five exceptional artists with 100% of proceeds benefiting initiatives at the AllArtWorks Foundation. At $200 a piece, a significantly reduced price for all the artists, you won’t find an opportunity like it anywhere else.

Artists include:
Tyler Loftis, Chris Protas, Dov Talpaz, Tim Kurtz, and Mike Coleman.

In the picturesque town of Grand Haven, Michigan, three close friends and world class artists—Tyler Loftis, Chris Protas, and Tim Kurtz—made the local bar, Tip-A-Few, their nightly haunt. As Tim poured drinks behind the counter, Chris and Tyler would relax by doodling on napkins, capturing the essence of an artist in meditation. In the lulls between serving patrons, Tim would join in, adding his own napkins to their impromptu artwork.

What started as a simple pastime for the artists soon evolved into a cherished tradition, with each friend contributing to the growing collection of napkin art. With each stroke, their vision of sharing their creations with the world, via charity, became clearer.

Today, "Last Call" stands as the culmination of their nightly bartop art sessions—which eventually grew to include fellow New York artists Dov Talpaz and Mike Coleman—now proudly exhibited in Grand Rapids at the AllArtWorks Viewing Studio. From their humble gatherings at Tip-A-Few and New York’s famous dive bars to the prestigious showcase at AllArtWorks, their journey serves as a testament to the bonds of friendship, the endless wellspring of artistic creativity, and the transformative power of believing in the art within. Art is for everyone.