Collection: Shirley Van Benschoten


1. What do you do when you’re not making art? (Day job etc...).

My large flower garden keeps me busy and watching wildlife from our deck.

2. Why do you make art?

I cannot not make art. There is a burning sense inside of me that compels me to create.

3. What inspires you?

I create landscapes from my travel memories, and sometimes referring to my photos. I take a journey with each new painting, always wondering what I will see around the bend in the road, or down a new pathway. Painting intuitively, I am attempting through art to respond to the enchanting rhythms of waves, winds, sand, and light. Lake Michigan coastlines, orchards and vineyards, beaches throughout Michigan inspire me.

4. What/who are your influences?

I am influenced by Nature, dreams, fellow artists, and mostly by my artist husband, Bryan and our artist son, Elijah.

5. If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?

I would like to meet Vincent Van Gogh.