Collection: Sibley Barlow


1. What do you do when you’re not making art? (Day job etc...).

Currently, I'm helping my dad build a house.

2. Why do you make art?

I could list hundreds of reasons, but I guess it all stems simply from my drive to do it. I feel compelled to create things. Visual art is the lens through which I understand and interact with my world. When I'm not creating art, I am not well.

3. What inspires you?

I'm inspired by the ocean, astronomy and astrophysics, contemporary painting, psychology, and much more.

4. What/who are your influences?

I am influenced by music, politics, and many (nearly all) contemporary artists. Some of these artists include Chris Martin, Katherine Bradford, Andy Warhol, Wu Tsang, Lia Clay, Catherine Opie, Peter Doig, Yoko Ono, Alok Vaid-Menon, and again, many more.

5. If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?

Freddie Mercury!