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Sign Up to Sell Your ArtPrize Entry Through AllArtWorks

Dear ArtPrize Artists, AllArtWorks wants to help you get the most out of the ArtPrize experience. We want to support you and help Grand Rapids continue to develop into a year-round place for people to see and buy art.




All ArtPrize 2024 artists are eligible to use this service.

Reasons to sign up:

  1. Eyes

    1. You will have more visibility. People will have an opportunity to see and purchase your work if they are unable to visit the event. People who have visited and may have missed your work can see it. And people who want to see your work again after their visit is over can take another look.

  2. Trust Generic black outline icon2. Trusted Point of Sale. Buyers can feel confident with our secure payment processing system, and we will handle all sales tax requirements for you.
  3. Pick Up3. If your piece sells, you don’t have to worry about pick-up, storage, or delivery - we will provide safe pick-up from your venue and storage after ArtPrize concludes. The buyer picks it up from us at the conclusion of ArtPrize at the AllArtWorks Viewing Studio, so you don’t have to think about it. Our gallery is at 333 Cesar E Chavez Ave SW, a block south of Founders Brewing. (Note: size and weight permitting; for instance no airplanes or 3,000 pound elephants.) To be more technical, pick-up and storage is subject to the size and weight of the piece, at our discretion. We will contact you if we cannot pick up and store your piece, but we will still help however we can.
  4. sold

    4. There will be a QR code next to your piece for easy purchase, and if your piece sells there will be a large ‘SOLD’ sign placed on the plaque beside your work. This often encourages people to search for more of your work online.

  5. Shipping

    5. We will help coordinate shipping with the buyer if needed. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

  6. Record

    6. If your work sells, we will keep a record that will remain on our site so you have a searchable record of the sale. This can greatly help facilitate future sales.



Important things to know:

  1. Percentage

    1. We're donating all our energy and efforts this year to help artists sell their work. Our commission is 15%, just enough to cover expenses. (This means you will receive 85% of the price you declare with us.) Anything in excess of our expenses will be donated to arts education, so we won't be taking any profit from the sales.

  2. Submit

    2. Until you hit “SUBMIT" on the next page, you will not be signed up for this program. The link to the submission form can be found at the bottom of this page. When you hit "SUBMIT" you will receive a confirmation email. (Please note, only your ArtPrize 2024 piece is eligible for this service, thanks!)

  3. Multiple pieces

    3. If your entry is comprised of multiple pieces for individual sale, you will need to select "Add a multiple" at the bottom of the registration form for each individual piece, and then enter the information required for each piece.

  4. Price

    4. Price your work to sell; getting your work out there is more important than getting as much as you can from an individual sale. Remember to invest in yourself!

  5. Payment

    5. If your work sells, we will pay by check or Venmo after the conclusion of ArtPrizeArtPrize (we will confirm preferred method after the work sells). Please allow up to 3 days after the conclusion of ArtPrize for us to process your payment!

  6. Attention

    6. During the 18 days of ArtPrize 2024 you agree to only sell this particular piece exclusively through us. This is to prevent double-selling: if you sell the work yourself while it’s available on our site, we won’t know it’s been sold and someone else could also purchase the piece. Not Good!Not Good

  7. Dates

    7. This service lasts for the duration of ArtPrize 2024. Sales open at 10:00 am EST, Sep. 13th 2024, and they close at 11:59pm EST on Sep. 28th, 2024.

  8. Retrieval

    8. If your work does not sell you are responsible for retrieval of the work. This contract with AllArtWorks terminates at the conclusion of Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2024.

- Please read this carefully. If there is anything you do not understand feel free to email us at Click the button below to fill out the submission form.