Artist Interview with Craig Merchant

Artist Interview with Craig Merchant

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Welcome to AllArtWorks Featured Artist Series!

1. What other profession is similar to being an artist and why?

I think a chef is similar to an artist. Both professions experiment with different ingredients in search of the perfect recipe.

2. What’s the nicest thing you can remember someone said about your work, or an individual piece?

For me, it’s not as much about what people say, but more their emotional response that I appreciate. My work has made people laugh, and even cry. I love that art can have such a big emotional impact on people.

3. What’s one thing you’d like everyone to know about you as an artist?

All of my art is inspired by my life experiences - mostly from my childhood growing up surrounded by nature. Those experiences are expressed in many unique ways in my art as I continue to explore and learn from new interactions with nature and people.
4. What was the last piece of art that you saw that blew you away?

“Coded Coincidence” by Studio DRIFT. It was a kinetic artwork that consisted of several small, lighted elements that moved freely throughout the space. The pieces flew through the air, sometimes moving together and sometimes flying off on their own. The artwork was inspired by elm seeds that fly through the wind in Spring.

5. What’s something you haven’t done but you want to do in art/painting?

I want to do the thing I haven’t thought of yet. I’m constantly trying to push my boundaries and use materials in new ways. I want to continue to experiment with art and create something that is new and exciting.

6. Which artist do you like better - Ingres or Delacroix, and why?*

Delacroix - I find his paintings to be much more dramatic and mysterious. His use of color, the movement of his brushstrokes, and the expressions he portrayed in his figures all combine to tell a captivating story.

*The reason we ask about Delacroix and Ingres is because they were contemporaries with wildly different styles!