Collection: Judi Kruis


1. What do you do when you’re not making art? (Day job etc...).

International purchasing may seem boring to some but I love getting to know other cultures. Some of that comes after teaching artisans in Haiti how to create and run their business.

2. Why do you make art?

Art was a desire since I was young. I find it a place of adventure, discovery and peace. Things that seem impossible - become! There's always something to learn.

3. What inspires you?

The beauty of creation is my biggest inspiration. Seeing the subtle and unique colors, shapes and movements. I don't feel I always capture it well, but the secret stories are shared as you engage.

4. What/who are your influences?

I found a great depth to my creativity when I started painting during worship. The spiritual aspect of creating brings new things to life. The Impressionist period is a favorite to enjoy.

5. If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?

So many have gone before us that have left such a mark on the world. Mother Teresa comes to mind in how she gave such compassion and possibility to so many.

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